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Bespoke Software Development

Most organisations use 'standard' off-the-shelf packages for day-to-day needs. However, organisations increasingly require specific software to address a particular 'non-standard' business need. In many instances, satisfying these particular needs can have a profound overall effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of the business.

This page provides a brief overview of Bespoke Software Development  (BSD) . For a much more detailed description, please open our  BSD  eBrochure.

Bespoke Software Development

The Need 

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Bespoke v Packaged Software 

Bespoke software applications yield the following benefits:

Originally most software applications were bespoke simply because packaged software did not exist. The arrival of the PC and Windows™ resulted in a sharp decline in bespoke software and a rapid rise in 'standard' or off-the-shelf applications. However, bespoke software is increasing in popularity for two main reasons:

Modular Software Development 

Our Approach 

Mutual Consultants’ Role

Modern software development is much less costly than it used to be because there are high quality software tools available in “modular” format that can be assembled to create a full working application. Creating a bespoke application by interlinking a series of modules gives better initial functionality and very cost effective upgrades in the future.

No two bespoke software projects are the same (although most projects have similar development patterns). We follow a structured series of steps to ensure that the bespoke application meets your specific requirements. This is achieved by preparing and following a tailored Programme of Work for your application.

Our role is to work closely with the client both during software development and downstream to ensure that the resulting application does exactly what is required and continues to evolve in line with both the business needs and the software module capabilities.

For more information on Bespoke Software Development, please view/download our eBrochures.