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Computer Simulation Modelling

A Simulation Modelling Application is a computer application that imitates the operation of an existing or proposed real-life system/process. Models are built in order to provide an understanding of how the corresponding ‘real’ system would behave in certain situations.

This is often essential particularly where experimenting with the real system would be too costly, too disruptive, impractical or even impossible

This page provides a brief overview of Computer Simulation Modelling. For a much more detailed description, please open our CSM eBrochure.

Computer Simulation Modelling

The Need 

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Example Application 

Simulation Modelling Applications yield the following benefits:

The effective development and management of a railway depot involves a regular re-evaluation of how best to respond to changing engineering, commercial and operational pressures.

GenMod is a Simulation Modelling Application which is capable of modelling almost all activities at most railway vehicle maintenance depots. We use this application to help clients predict the impact of depot development on both fleet and depot performance.

The client provides data which fully describe train running, the depot and the fleet(s) which are to be simulated. GenMod uses this data to model depot and fleet activity for as many simulated days as the user requires.

Why Simulation Modelling 

Minimizing Risk 

Mutual Consultants’ Role

Simulation Modelling is a very powerful way of investigating (and hence understanding) the complex relationships between a large number of variable factors in, for example, a production process or the operation of a complex organisation. Most systems, and the questions we ask about them, are far too complex for us to attempt to model them analytically - the only solution is simulation (which mimics reality) on a computer.

By constructing a computer simulation of your system/process we can help you to identify and test ideas (and even fine tune them to your best advantage), with the minimum financial risk (ie before incurring the cost of implementation and without making expensive mistakes. You can find out about your real system "safely" and without costly trial and error.

Our role is to work closely with the client both during the development of the Simulation Modelling Application and downstream to ensure that the resulting application imitates the real life system/process and that the application continues to evolve in line with the business needs.

For more information on Computer Simulation Modelling, please view /download our eBrochures.