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Structured Design Scrutiny (SDS) Structured Design Scrutiny (SDS)

Structured Design Scrutiny  (SDS)  is an approach applied at the design stage for highlighting design weaknesses in all types of plant and equipment. It may be applied at the concept or detail-design stages to help ensure that design weaknesses are identified before the design 'leaves the drawing board'.

This page provides a brief overview of  SDS . For a much more detailed description, please open our  SDS  eBrochure.


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Supplier versus User 

Amongst other benefits, Structured Design Scrutiny yields the following benefits:

Both the supplier of a piece of equipment and its ultimate user may have legitimately different business objectives - this can cause conflict both during and after the equipment has been supplied. The strength of  SDS  over traditional methods of design scrutiny lies in its systematic approach which provides easily-understood criteria for identifying deficiencies (which promotes 'co-makership' between supplier and user, rather than ‘conflict’).  SDS  gives the user an intimate knowledge of the asset from day one.



Mutual Consultants’ Role

The suppliers of the new plant or equipment, on their own, cannot answer all the On their own, the suppliers of the new equipment or plant cannot answer all the questions posed by  SDS  - neither can the ultimate users and maintainers. "Analysis Groups" are established to apply  SDS  and hence scrutinise the design before manufacture commences.

SDS  systematically scrutinises the design of the equipment against several decision criteria, (usually relating to reliability, maintainability and supportability); other criteria may be included in the design scrutiny if required.

Our role is to impart an understanding of  SDS  to clients and provide support and guidance in its application; our goal is for clients to become competent to apply  SDS  themselves

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