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The courses we provide in support of  RCM2  are highly participative, comprising a combination of formal lecturing, exercises and case studies. As a member of the  Aladon Network  we use the high quality course notes and presentation materials that distinguish the Network's offerings from others. Comprehensive course notes are provided together with "solutions" to all exercises and case studies; the "solutions" are reviewed by the tutor with the delegates as part of the course. Detailed course notes are provided for each delegate and are supplied in a durable binder. Visual-aids used during the courses include very high quality colour slides and incorporate learning-aids such as colour-coding and carefully structured examples and anecdotes to reinforce learning. The courses have evolved over many years and are updated from time-to-time; more than sixty thousand delegates have learned about  RCM2  through these courses.

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The entry level training that we offer for  RCM  is a 3-day course; we also offer a 10-day course for  RCM  facilitators and a 1-day  RCM  Awareness Session (primarily targeted at senior managers or those on the periphery of an  RCM  project). The majority of courses we conduct are in-house to our clients but we do occasionally conduct 'public' courses if there is sufficient demand; from time-to-time, we do syndicate courses between clients. Syndicated courses are strictly subject to agreement by the host client.

It is essential that all people who take part in an  RCM  analysis meeting attend an appropriate training course prior to the analysis group meetings. It is false economy to attempt to implement  RCM  without training the analysis group members because the  RCM  approach involves radical shifts in the way people think about maintenance. It always slows the process down (often doubling the time taken) and can compromise the analysis (as the traditional ways of thinking will not have been 'shifted'/challenged fully) if the people taking part in the  RCM  analysis have not been trained.