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RCM Overview RCM Overview

This page contains a brief and informal overview of Reliability Centred Maintenance  (RCM).

For a much more detailed description of Reliability Centred Maintenance, please visit our detailed  RCM  page or open our  RCM  eBrochure.

Reliability Centred Maintenance  (RCM)  is a logical information-gathering and decision-making process that is applied by a small group of people who have equipment knowledge and engineering common sense.

RCM  determines the best possible maintenance schedule for your equipment optimised according to the operating conditions on site.  RCM  can do this because the entire process accommodates the following factors:

When you apply  RCM  to your equipment, you will produce a maintenance schedule which contains only the tasks necessary to keep the equipment performing to your desired functions, in your operating context and which is focused on eliminating, avoiding or reducing the consequences of failure.

This means that you can be confident that money from your maintenance budget is being spent where it does the most good to achieve inherent equipment reliability and availability.

By targeting maintenance spend according to the consequences of failure and what you want the equipment to do, the following happens:

Comparing your new maintenance schedule with the old one:

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And there’s more:

In a nutshell, if you apply  RCM  correctly there are massive gains to be made by achieving inherent equipment reliability and availability in your organisation across the spectrum of equipment safety, environmental integrity, output, product quality. Furthermore, improvements are more likely to endure as a result of the combined involvement of operations and maintenance personnel.

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There is a much more detailed description of Reliability Centred Maintenance available on our detailed  RCM  page or open our  RCM  eBrochure.

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What is Reliability Centred Maintenance?