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Reliability Centred Maintenance II (RCM2) RCM2

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As a member of the global  Aladon Network  of Reliability Centred Maintenance experts, we are certified as practitioners in the delivery of  Aladon’s  Reliability Centred Maintenance II  (RCM2).

The  Aladon Network  has helped clients apply RCM2 at more than 2000 sites in more than 80 countries, training in excess of 50,000 people. This makes  RCM2  the world’s most widely-adopted variant of  RCM.

RCM2  was originally developed by John Moubray who founded the  Aladon Network  and ran it until his death in 2004. The  Aladon Network  is now headed by Ivara.

RCM2  complies fully with  SAE Standard JA1011 "Evaluation Criteria for Reliability-Centered Maintenance RCM Processes.”

Mutual Consultants  has been assisting clients apply  RCM2  since 1991 with practitioners who have  RCM2  experience going back even further.

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